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To all who know or know of the work God has called Church Builders ministries to:

On June 30th 2017, our facility suffered a small kitchen fire. Thanks to the amazing response of several Fire departments, the damage was minimal. However, after the Fire Marshalls thoroughly inspected the facility, there were things out of compliance with city guidelines. Most of which we are able to cover the cost and currently in the process now. However, there are two areas we need assistance in:
1) Clean up and upgrade of furnace and room.
2) Bring Fire Safety system online and up to code.
We dont have exact cost at this time but our educated guess is 10K

Church Builders ministries has and will continue to minister to thousands of souls in need of food and basic human needs all while showing the love of Jesus Christ and spreading His good news. So we are asking for your help to maintain His presence through this ministry of His.

Proceeds can be accepted through our PAYPAL DONATE button listed here or by mail to our Treasury office at: 404 Creekside Dr. Boiling Springs SC 29316.

Thank you in advance,
Your Brother in Christ
Pastor Jim Rutledge

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